HOVR is a full-service hovercraft consultancy based in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have experts on hovercraft, marine technologies, transportation, land use, and civil engineering. Our fast execution of comprehensive reports will get you the information you need when you need it.

Site Surveys

If you are a real estate developer or local government looking to incorporate hovercraft service into your shoreline development, HOVR can help you identify the best site for a hoverport. Our experts will ensure that your development can accept fast and efficient service from the water, as well as to connecting ground transportation. Our full-service reports provide you with everything you need to incorporate a hoverport into your master plan and prepare you for the environmental and planning review processes.

Regional Surveys

For those operating at a larger scale, we can provide regional surveys to select the best, first route to introduce hovercraft service to your community. While we are focused on our native SF Bay Area, our team has global experience in route selection and design. Our transportation planners can help assist your team with connecting transit integration, proper capacity planning, and much more.

Hoverport Design

Our civil engineering team and hovercraft experts work together to ensure that your hoverport can accommodate your service from its pilot stage through a full system build out. Our experienced team has what it takes to minimize environmental impacts on sensitive shorelines, without sacrificing transportation capacity. Whether you need a single-pad hoverport for a remote village or a central hub for your region's water transportation network, we can design a facility that will maximize passenger satisfaction and minimize operating costs.

Hovercraft Selection and Design

Through our global network of hovercraft designers and builders, HOVR can help you locate the right craft for your needs. We have personal experience with craft of all sizes – from small 2-4 passenger craft up to 100 seat vessels. We connect you with the manufacturer who best matches your needs and budget. If the right craft doesn't exist, our experienced engineering staff will work with you to design a new model which exactly matches your needs. We then arrange for its construction here in California, or we can work with your preferred shipyard anywhere in the world.

Don’t see what you need here? Drop us a line and we can let you know if what you need is within our capabilities. If it’s not, we will refer you to someone with the expertise you require.